Free Of Antibiotics And Pesticides, Healthy Crops Are Produced

antibiotic free fermentation

In order for both fruit and vegetable crops to be healthy, they do need to be wholly free of pesticides and antibiotics. Crucially, antibiotic free fermentation will also be required for the feeding of stock being prepared for market. The practice comes in good use for those who have acquired smallholdings or small scale farming land that they may be able to manage. This new crop of farmers if you will, wishes to specialize strictly in organic produce.

It is not entirely unusual in this day and age for new startups to be purchasing used land. In fact, it makes good business sense because it might come to them cheaper. But the fact remains, the land that they purchased will still need to be cleared if you will. The used land may still be substantially tainted due to the previous unsustainable farming practices that may have prevailed. There may well be no existing crops on this ‘used’ land.

But the soil remains, and it has already been impacted. It has been contaminated with previously used antibiotics and pesticides. The fermentation process applies in equal measure to the soil as well. And once the soil has been fully cleansed, the organic farmer can now prepare himself nicely for the planting of his first crops. Of course, the fermentation process needs to be wholly organic as well.

It will be done sustainably as well too. All the materials utilized during the fermentation process are naturally sourced. No chemicals go into these materials either. In order for you to qualify yourself as an organic farmer, you need to be strictly adherent from the moment you commence your first-ever day of work on the land. Healthy crops produced will encourage healthy eating among consumers and their livestock too.